Hack Your Linkedin: Ultimate Resources Library

As we all know Linkedin is becoming more and more important in today’s world. That's why we created a page where you can easily have all the important resources in one place. 

As we all know Linkedin is becoming more and more important in today’s world. That's why we created a page where you can easily have all the important resources in one place. LinkedIn is simply unrivalled when it comes to professional business connections, and this is what makes this platform the perfect asset for any business.

Define and know your customer

Even if it sounds basic and boring, even the best Linkedin experts recommend always starting from ground zero – who are you targeting. Make sure your time is spent right with targeting the right people. Create a copy of your own ideal customer profile in this PDF template or an editable Google Sheet

Hook em' up

As you might already know, the rule of thumb is to catch people's attention in the first 60 minutes of the post being published. That's why hooks are something you should implement in the first line of your post. The goal here is to hook the person to click “see more”. Leverage these with this library of more than 80 introduction hooks you can use in your posts.

Let us inspire you a bit

It's all about bringing people value and documenting your journey. Find some inspiration with a list of topics and ideas you can elaborate on in your posts today.

Hungry for more content secrets?

Especially relevant for B2B and those of you being on Linkedin to sell – 'The Linkedin Content Secrets' will help with deciding what type of content to create. Not just that, it breaks down some of the best posts with an explanation of why it worked. Access the PDF here.

Lead gen hacks

Lead generation is still one of the most challenging tasks for many (61%) sales and marketing teams. With Linkedin it often all comes down to building relationships and never straight to selling. The goal is to create the right environment for selling – building relationships, exchange opinions, provide true value. Be genuine & consistent. Find the lead gen hacks here.

Let's start reaching out! – Outreach templates

After you know who is cour customer and are ready to progress to the next level you can start reaching out. It's not rocket science but you should keep a few best practices in mind to ensure great results. Here, you can Copy/Paste the exact templates the TOP 10 LinkedIn experts use.

Make your life easier with these tools 

Linked Helper

Linked Helper does the boring stuff, while you are doing business Basically it is an auto-responder, drip campaigns creator, and much more. The application is suitable for individuals, small teams, and organizations.


Phantombuster lets you automate a bunch of routine work that comes with being successful with Linkedin whether you are using the platform for lead generation, recruiting, or just getting yourself out there. Don't overdo the automation part, though!

  • Auto send connection requests to your prospects list
  • Write personalized intro messages with # feature (e.g. Hello, #firstName# ...)
  • Set it on automatic and generate new connections every day
  • Send connection requests to 80 profiles per day or 150 if you have a LinkedIn premium account


Shield is an amazing tool for knowing what's happening with your profile. The app lets you get LinkedIn analytics for your personal LinkedIn profile, your team, or your agency and clients.


Whether you are about to crawl your competitor's audience or event attendees (yep, that's right!!). Doux-Soup can be a big help for any sales or marketing team.

Key takeaways

If you feel overwhelmed, don't. It all comes down to being authentic, offering value, and tying it all with data & numbers. End your posts with a question and try to start a conversation. Don't be afraid to share what didn't work for you on your journey – we are all people who make mistakes. 

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