Our Launching Story: The Singularité Agency

"Building a great product is obviously critical, but it's often not enough. You must think about how to dress your already perfect software in a shiny, new coat and then, meet your customers halfway. Our passion has always been all about making complex products accessible to everyone, even non-tech savvy people. Simplifying it so that anyone can clearly understand."

Why we launched our project

It was a long and exciting journey to get here. We’re ready to announce our launch!
What started as a conversation between two friends, turned into an agency solely focusing on marketing for technology startups & projects.
But why is there a need in the market for an agency like ours? We identified the same outdated patterns by working for different tech startups, and our mission is to break these patterns.

Engineering is so reverse-centered. You mostly focus on development but skip over research and systematic approaches to get quick, meaningless wins.

Building a great product is obviously critical, but it's often not enough. You must think about how to dress your already perfect software in a shiny, new coat and then, meet your customers halfway. Our passion has always been all about making complex products accessible to everyone, even non-tech savvy people. Simplifying it so that anyone can clearly understand.

Our Story

It all started in March 2020 at the Startup Weekend Prague event, where we actually met for the first time.

"I remember that day, so clearly, it was my first Startup Weekend Prague event as an organizer, where I was responsible for sponsor and partner relations. This is why I initially approached Tereza, to make sure everything was going well." - Knarik

"Tons of back and forth meetings starting at the Startup Weekend Prague event where I was representing my project, and the amazing Supernova team, as a SWP partner and sponsor. We started chatting about the tech startup world and knew that we were on the same page right away. Later that year, we met again during an interview at Siesta Labs, where Knarik was working. She was looking for a Marketer with a solid technology background, so she reached out and we met again in a more formal fashion. Even though everything went great, it wasn't actually that day when started working together, because I joined the Leadspicker team to help bring their brand to life." - Tereza

"After a couple interviews with Tereza, I still somehow had her on my mind. The main reason is that we clearly had so much in common. Especially work-wise, we have pretty much similar experiences as we work in the same industry segment and with similar roles. That was really mind-blowing to meet someone like me who shares the same experience. It just inspired me so much!" - Knarik

What came next were hours of brainstorming in cafés and restaurants (ahh, remember that time?). Discussing the name, finding a proper domain,.. We made it clear that our priority was to deliver high-end marketing for firms with technical products." - Tereza

"For a relatively long time, I have seen the same pattern that concerned me, and it was the primary motivation behind creating Singularite. The same behavioral habits were repeatedly made by many startups - most of them focus only on development, build a product for a year or two and wait for a magic recognition from a world that doesn't even know their name. Some startups prefer to hire a marketer after the product is complete, thinking that all will be solved within half a year.

Why startups fail

This is the situation where many startups fail. Statistically, 90% of startups fail, and the reasons are:

This is why we want to help with a proper product-market fit, marketing problems and help you define team values and motivation (74% of the reasons above) so companies can focus on product development and raise your next investment round.


I was thinking about fixing this reverse approach for some time now, so I decided to reach out to Tereza and ask her to be the co-founder of a new-wave agency. We will take care of your marketing activities, bringing the attention that your product deserves and supporting your sales team with new leads.

But this is what many agencies do; why are we different? The answer is our values and experience.

One of our values is digital sustainability. All agencies want their clients to stay with them as much as possible to generate internal revenues.
We want to build up sustainable systems, full of tailor-made marketing activities that will help startups to leave the marketing mostly to machines and just a couple of people on your team, so they can focus on the business or product development.

"Reach an infinite and independent growth, infinite Singularite." - Knarik

The Singularite

What does it actually mean? Why Singularite?

We have chosen this name based on some parallels that we could use.

A gravitational singularity (sometimes called a spacetime singularity) is a term used to describe the center of a black hole where gravity is thought to approach infinity.

The best scenario is when tech startups approach infinity - infinite independent organic growth. This concept correlates with our values.

All the funnel to reach the infinite (a parallel between gravitational singularity funnel and marketing funnel that we would like to use):

Our Mission

When it comes to Singularité — we're all about helping meaningful tech startups gain the market attention they deserve and engage with their community. There are many reasons behind founding a company. Validation, a need to express yourself, use and share the knowledge gained over years, or just the independence that comes with it.

"We enable the growth of tech startups to approach the infinite & independent journey and inspire end-customers to enjoy new technologies."

Our Values & Culture

We encourage everything about transparent culture, so the goal is to create an environment where we know we can trust each other. This applies to clients, external help, advisors — anyone who works with us. Our core values:

Transparency - Sustainability - Independence - Enjoyment

Branding process

The process of bringing all the pieces of our brand together started with looking for a designer who's within our budget and whose style we love. We leveraged our precious network and connected with one of our friends — Igor, who's the brain behind Singularite's visual identity. (Thanks, Igor!) — More about that in the next section.

We also knew the "Three Hour Brand Sprint." It was popularized by the team at Google and written about in detail by Jake Knapp in the book Sprint. The activities in that meeting are essentially designed to align your team around your motivation, values, audience, brand personality, and so on.

While we developed our brand, we met in Vnitroblock — a café that bursts with creativity and also has tons of good coffee (trust us, you'll need a lot for this).

What we do

Growth marketing services that help tech startups to reach their full potential and target audience.

How we do it

While working with different tech startups we learned to identify the same outdated patterns. That's why we offer tailor-made growth marketing services that will bring your startups to the market.

Why we do it

We enable the growth of tech startups so they can approach an infinite & independent journey and inspire end-customers to enjoy new technologies.

Mood-board & Design

We started working on the brief for the designer who later send us a mood-board. The logo started as a super raw draft looking something like this:

After we approved the mood-board it didn't take too long and we finally received our first brand suggestions and logo in vectors.

What's next?

Our goal for this year is to focus on helping czech startups.

We're all about working with inspiring people; if you want to be part of this, text us! We are open-minded to diverse forms of collaboration!

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